We at USAerospace Partners offer solutions in the aviation industry. Under our portfolio we have services ranging from Interior Completions, Maintenance Repair Operations, Ground and Cargo handling, Airline Passenger and Cargo Operations.

Handling Services

Tailored Ground Handling Service and Cargo Handling from WOW air handling

Cargo Operations

WOW air Cargo provides worldwide Cargo Operations

Honest fares and Clean Cabin

We are committed to a Clean Cabin and it is time for Honest Fares

Latest News

MRO  (Maintenance Repair Operations)

Robinson Aerospace is a fully authorized FAA 145 Repair Station

Aircraft Interiors

Robinson Aircraft Interiorsis an aircraft interior fabrication and refurbishment company

World Leader in Custom Veneer

Velocity Veteran Veneer brings classic aviation interior applications to commercial passenger aircraft experience


About USAerospace Partners

We are a group of companies specialising in the aviation industry.

WOW air handling does both Ground Handling Services as well as Cargo Handling Services.

Robinson Aerospace offers Maintenance Repair Operations via fully authorized FAA 145 Repair Station. Also, Robinson Aerospace offers full service, world class Interior completions both green and retrofit.

Robinson Aircraft Interiors is an aircraft interior fabrication and refurbishment company.

WOW air and WOW air Cargo handle airline operations for passenger and cargo.


Our Ongoing and Upcoming Operations

We are working on growing the WOW air brand with operations both in Passenger Service and Cargo Service.

The WOW air Cargo Service will be a global operations connecting delivery of goods via continents.

Our WOW air Passenger Service will be based in major hubs in North America and Europe

WOW air Iceland

Transatlantic airline serving North America and Europe

WOW air Cargo

Global Cargo operation connecting North America, Europe and Asia

WOW air Italy

Commercial passenger and cargo operations with hubs in Rome  and Sicily

WOW air Cafe and Marketplace

WOW retail experience featuring an exclusive range of items from Italy and other destinations not available anywhere but in the WOW Marketplace and WOW air Cafe brings gourmet entree small plates, WOW Gelato and the best European coffee menu anywhere


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